Painting with Fire

I am planning my 2017 with the idea that it will be a year of finishing things and starting brand new things. Of the new is a series that I’m beginning which is a contemporary romance series focused on healing.


Charlie “Wood Chuck” Fox knows his best friend and fellow wildfire firefighter Jessie Row had a major family break up in her past. Charlie has adopted her into his heart and into his huge family and when Jessie gets word her mother has passed away, Charlie fears returning home is going to tear her up.

Bastian Hart’s choice of career as a doll painter has put him at odds with his family. He’s made a sanctuary for himself on the San Juan Island of Friday Harbor, an hour away from his family. He welcomes his aunt Jessie and her friend Charlie into his house as they all prepare for the upcoming funeral. Charlie and Bastian discover a spark of smoldering fire igniting between them, but Charlie is unwilling to push and Bastian hesitant to trust.

They will have to wade through pain, hate, and fear to find their future together.

This book will be available everywhere December 2nd, 2016. Stay tuned for preorder links as I get it loaded.

Where to find me

So a little update, as I’ve been remiss in getting things moved and updated now that I’ve changed servers for the website. There just isn’t a lot of traffic here. I’ll continue to try to update when possible. Here are some social media places to find me:

Facebook Group:

Lissa Kasey / Sam Kadence

The group is for fans and I to interact. I post updates, ask questions, post polls, give sneak peeks of wips and just generally try to connect with fans.


Lissa’s Patreon Page

This is the Patreon page where subscribers get exclusive content and help fund my next writing project.


Twitter feed

Great page for quick updates on projects.

I’ll add more social links as I create them. There is an instagram page I use for doll stuff, but am not very active on it. Let me know if there’s a part of social media you’d like to see me on and I’ll try it out.